There are 3 ingredients to

a perfect wardrobe:

Beauty + Wearability + Functionality

It can take years to find a wardrobe that's you.

Let us do the heavy-lifting for you month-to-month.

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Here’s how:


Pick Your Fave Pieces

Work with our stylists to round out your wardrobe with clothing you love. We’ll give you 3 bottoms, 3 tops, 3 dresses or outerwear, and 3 shoes.

Give it a Go!

With only 12 items you can make over 30 outfits! Use our daily outfit recommendations to test drive your picks in your lifestyle for 25 days.

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Enhance Your Capsule Closet

Buy the pieces you need and love for your permanent wardrobe. Return the rest and repeat.

Capsule Closet Examples

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